Making our house feel like home depends on us. Interior designers usually follow our values and respect what we want to see in our house, but in the end all we want to do is feel like our house is truly ours, having our style and spirit in each room we own.  

Whether you like traditional or modern décor, if you would like to change the way your house looks or are an interior designer looking for some inspiration, then keep reading this. 

  1. Kelly Hoppen  

This multi-award English designer has more than forty years of experience and her career even led her to have her own TV show about interior design back in 2011. Having worked with many celebrities and tons of private clients, she has become one of the biggest names in the industry. She is known for using neutral palette on her designs, which relates to her philosophy of creating calm and peaceful environments. 

  1. Timothy Corrigan 

This interior designer was born in US and now has offices both in Los Angeles and Paris. He has his own firm, Timothy Corrigan Inc., which has positioned himself as one of the best interior designers worldwide. If you are searching for European inspiration, Corrigan’s one of the experts as he has bought and renovated many châteaux in France. He also has won several prizes throughout his career. 

  1. Kelly Wearstler  

She’s American and founded its own firm back in the 90’s. She has experience working for the hotel, commercial and retail industry as well as many celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani. Her designs have become a symbol of luxury lifestyle filled with sophisticated rooms and refined décor. Kelly has written many books about the work she has done, from extravagant residences in Beverly Hills to amazing luxurious hotels in the Caribbean. 

  1. Robert Couturier  

If you would like to get some inspiration from someone who knows about eccentric décor, then Couturier may be the designer you are looking for. He got a degree in interior architecture and design in École Camondo, Paris and later moved to New York where he started to be recognized for his work. His style’s famous because he tends to combine contemporary elements with traditional ones.  

  1. Philippe Starck 

Another French designer who has gain recognition for his amazing work throughout the whole world. He has worked for many important people such as France’s former president François Mitterrand and the famous Hotel Paramount. His style has been known to be unique and groundbreaking because he uses special elements many other designers would never include in their designs. His subversive vision of the world has been such a refreshing look for interior designers which tend to always be classical. His creations were such an innovation that he became an inspiration to many other interior designers from all over the world. 

Each and every one of the designers mentioned have its own particular style, which one could you relate the most? 

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