A greeting card is a simple medium from a piece of paper. The paper is thick enough to hold the ink from getting through. An ink that penetrates the paper will not look good and will be damaged easily. You can write your message on the greeting card. This message can be in the form of gratitude, congratulations on an achievement, or other words that you wish. Besides being written by hand manually, you can also print greeting card. Currently, there are many service providers who will be happy to make it for you. 

1. You Can Use It Together with Your Gift 

When you give a greeting card, you can accompany it with a gift. That way, you will give a deeper impression to the recipient. If it’s just a gift or a greeting card, it probably won’t be that deep the impression it gives. You need to pay attention to how many gifts and greeting cards you give. If the gift is in a box that is large enough, then you will need to make a large greeting card too. The sizes commonly used are A4, A5, and A6. Besides, you can make the card have 1 side or 2 sides printing. 

2. Give It to A Special Person on Special Days 

You can definitely use a greeting card on your loved one’s birthday or anniversary. This is a very appropriate moment. You will form deeper love with your partner. Not only that, you can give it on your parents’ wedding day. Small gestures like that will create good memories and strengthen your relationship. 

3. Create More Smile and Memorable Moments 

You can be creative with anything in your greeting card that you make. Use a variety of attractive designs and vibrant colours. Make sure to set the mode to CMYK and set the actual size of the card on Adobe Illustrator. There are various greeting card materials that you can use. Materials with a certain thickness determine their weight, such as 170 GSM Art Paper, 250 GSM Art Card, 260 GSM Textured Card zeta linen brilliant white, 290 GSM Shimmering Card majestic marble white, and 330 GSM naturalist vanilla smooth. Don’t forget to set the DPI to the minimum of 300, it will create a sharper result. 

4. Have It on Your Holidays 

There are tons of days especially holidays where you can give it to your family, colleague, and friends. You can give it on Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, lunar Chinese New Year, mid-autumn lantern festival, new year, anniversary, and birthday. Write a memorable message and bring positive vibes to the recipient. 

5. A Personalized Gift for Your Loved Ones 

Something special will be more special if there is a special touch. It can be your silly jokes that only you and the recipient knew, it can be a photo of both of you, it can be anything you can possibly think of. Make sure it has your writing in it so it is even more memorable. Good luck! 

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