The easel stand is an essential tool for artists, especially for serious ones who are aspiring to be professionals. An easel stand in Singapore is a long term investment, it is really important to be able to choose the right type of easel stand according to your working medium and habits so that you can comfortably use your easel stand for a long time. 

For your considerations, here are several popular types of easel stands that you can choose: 

1. Studio Easels 

There are several different types of studio easels. The few most popular ones are the A-frame or Lyra ease, H-frame easel, and single mast easel. 

The A-frame easel is a lightweight easel stand with three legs that work similarly to a tripod. The shape of this easel stand is resembling the letter A, hence the name. The A-frame easel stand is lightweight and easy to fold, so it is very convenient. If you need it to be folded for storage, you can do it easily. You also won’t have to worry about difficulty moving it to places you want because it is definitely simple to handle. The downside of this type of easel is that it is not very sturdy because of its lightweight frame. 

If you are looking for a sturdier easel stand, then you can consider the H-frame easel stand. Not only that it is sturdier, but the H-frame easel stand can also hold larger sized canvases compared to the A-frame easel stand. Unfortunately, because it is sturdier, it is also heavier and more difficult to transport or store. If you want to use an H-frame easel, then you have to prepare a large working space. 

Meanwhile, the single mast easel is the type of easel stand that is very simple. Compared to the other two, this type of easel stand is the lightest and least sturdy. Usually, this type of easel stand is better suited for art students or complete novices. 

2. Watercolor and Sketch Easels 

If you are working with smaller mediums and different types of paints such as watercolor or even with pencils for simple sketching, then you might consider the watercolor or sketch easels. This type of easel is very light and compact, making it much easier to handle and better suited for small-sized working medium. You can carry it to places you want and it can be folded and stored even in small spaces. Usually, the watercolor and sketch easels come with a carry bag so that it can be easily taken wherever you want. The size that this type of easel can accommodate ranges quite widely, from small to even large-sized working medium. 

3. Table Top Easel Stands 

If you have limited working space and prefer working while sitting down against a table, then you should try getting this type of easel. 

Using an easel stand as you work does not only support the comfort of your work but it can also increase your productivity and motivation. But that is not all. An easel stand also prevents dust collection on your work or other unwanted spillages onto the canvas so you can always make sure that is clean and safe. 

Easel stands can indeed be quite costly, but it is a great long term investment that you should definitely get. Truly consider your working habit, requirements, needs, and preference as well as medium that you usually use so that you can decide the best type of easel stand for your work.

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