Do you realize that now sticker becomes more popular? A lot of people begin to use a sticker because of several reasons. It is durable, easy to use and make, versatile, and affordable. Because of that, nowadays, stickers become more attractive and potential to be used and apply in a variety of areas. Whether in a big industry or small business are also interested in using it. But, that’s not enough, sticker also attracts individual to use them in a variety of activities for different kind of purposes. But, what kind of purposes that can be done by using it? To know about the answer, here are a few examples of how you can use the sticker for different purposes!

1. Social Distancing Sticker To Stop The Transmission of COVID-19!

Maybe COVID-19 is one of the nightmares that hit us in 2020. But, there is always a way that we can do to try and stop the transmission. One of the famous campaigns that have a purpose to stop and cut the transmission is “Keep Your Distance” or social distancing. Because of that, you may find that a lot of places using a sticker as a sign to make people keep their distance from each other.

2. Decorate Bullet Journal By Using a Sticker

Do you know about the bullet journal? Now, people try to become more productive by organizing their tasks and activity. So, a bullet journal is a tool that they use to manage their activity to become more productive. But, most people love to decorate their bullet journal. Sticker is one of the tools that can be utilized to decorate the bullet journal. You can buy the sticker online or offline. But, if you can’t find the perfect sticker that suits you most, then you can start to think about making it alone. 

3. Sticker for Packaging!

Have you realized that you often find a sticker in the packaging of the product? If you haven’t, then you need to be aware that sticker is used widely especially in the packaging of products. You may find it in front of the packaging that usually shows the brands of the product. Maybe you find it beside or behind the packaging as an information label. But, to create and get a good quality sticker, you must print it with a good quality of printing. The best way to obtain a good packaging sticker, you can go to the specialist and professional sticker in Singapore printing services.

4. You Can Make It As a Toys

So, the other purpose of using a sticker is about making it as a toy! A year back, maybe you have already known that sticker can be created as a toy. But, until now, it never fails to lose its function and popularity as a toy. Kids still enjoy using and play with it. Moreover, there are more variations and design for the sticker now. From the character of the cartoon, animals, vehicles, flowers, alphabet, and much more design makes the kids are interested to own it!

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