Whenever I think about invitation card, I think of my relative’s wedding invitations that are so beautiful and memorable. Is the same thing in your mind? I’m sure the same goes through your mind. Apart from the wedding, the invitation cards that are made today are very diverse. Starting from an increasingly attractive design, better materials, more eye-catching colors, and many other things. Are you interested in knowing more about invitation cards? Then you are on the right path, strongly recommend you to read this whole article. 

1. What Theme are You Going to Deliver? 

Themes are very important in an event, especially your wedding, or events in general. The theme describes the overall idea that you are trying to convey to your audience, and will become the overall nuance of the event. Not only at weddings, but any event must have a theme, which might contain a message you want to deliver. You can get themes from the things you like on a daily basis, and you can also search for references online. 

2. Who Are You Inviting? 

It is very important to determine who you invite on the invitation card. Maybe those who are invited will also have some influence on how you choose your theme. So these things go hand in hand. It’s easy, you choose your colleagues to invite, family, relatives, and anyone who you consider important in your life. 

3. Where Are You Going to Make It? 

The place where you choose your event to be, will also have an impact on your costs and your preparation. Make sure the venue you choose is sufficient to accommodate guests. The location selection must also be strategic to make it easier for guests to come to your invitation, because they should be familiar with a strategic location. Usually, strategic locations have a relatively short address, so it will be easier for you to put on your invitation card.  

4. Who Designs Your Cards? 

Regarding card design, you can actually use an online platform. However, there is still a limitation, and you may need to pay for certain premium features and unlock for optimize use. As with online platforms, you can spend more if you want to use graphic design services. With these services, you can more freely convey your needs and wishes, and the designer will ‘translate’ your needs into an invitation card design that you desire. 

5. Pick Your Vendor or Do It Yourself? Why Not? 

My point, in this case, is who will be in charge of choosing an event organizer, who will take care of all your event needs? An event organizer will take care of things like the theme, the decorated venue, as well as the invitation card itself. However, in the end, you will spend a little more money to hire vendors such as events or wedding organizers. To get around this, I suggest you prepare your own event needs, maybe it will not be as luxurious as the vendor, but you will have more control over your event, and of course it will save some money. Good luck! 

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