Singapore’s Corporate Rule directive employs a corporate secretary in every organization. Every corporate secretary services in Singapore is the acquiescence officer of an organization who is similarly answerable to ensure that the Board Members are well-versed of their lawful duties on the way to the firm (acquiescence with the rule, the company authority necessities, and the catalogue guidelines. This guide gives data about the corporate secretary requirements of Singapore.  Every firm integrated in Singapore should accomplish a vital need of hiring a corporate secretary who should be a dweller of Singapore. However, the corporate secretary is considered a specific asset to every organization’s achievement and financial fitness. On the other hand, this particular article will intend on the corporate secretary and what is essential of an individual who is to be or has hired as an individual. 

Legal requirements for Singapore corporate secretary 

As per section 171 (1AA) of the Singapore corporate law, every firm should hire a corporate secretary if it is grounded in Singapore. Employment of an individual to this character is mandatory by legal to conclude within six months of the integration and record-keeping of an organization in queries. 

An organization’s board of directors builds this employment. The corporate, which has just single administrative or directors or depositors are not permitted to hire this individual to designate the corporate secretary. Few firms should avoid these issues by hiring a person from skilled economic and book-keeping professional consultancy amenity to the place. It will effectively aid the firm concerning the corporate secretary facility. The corporate secretary has employed once, he\she may start to give and accomplish several essential secretarial requirements. 

Corporate secretaries of an organization centered in Singapore are mandatory to be lawful dwellers of Singapore. In this case, “legislative dwellers of Singapore” are referred to as an individual who is either a Singapore legal resident or long-lasting inhabitant, or somebody who is an E Pass, S Pass or EntrePass holder. 

A corporate secretary should also be more than 20 years or at least 18 years old and in the instance of communal firms should own one of the mandatory educations or experience. Midst these qualifications are being a skilled and experienced individual under the Legal Profession Act. And it is a communal auditor registered under the Accountants Act and being a person of a firm such as ICPA (Institute of Certified Public Accountants) of Singapore or SAICSA. 


A corporate secretary considerably contemplated as a significant one of every firm’s corporate team. Meanwhile, he\she is inevitable because they can only confirm that a firm is entirely acquiescent with specific constitutional requirements and guidelines. Therefore, firms must prove that the designation is complete by somebody capable of handling all the essential needs and maintaining total vital records correctly. An organization may also select to use the facility of professional accounting and legislative authorities. A few people may be enthusiastic about bringing on this truly critical character. Meanwhile, they can give lookup facilities, company secretarial amenity, or any other mandatory data to clients.

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