The seal was discovered many years ago. Ever since then, it has always been used in many affairs throughout human lives, especially regarding company activities. In many countries, common seals are used for ensuring the authenticity of a document that is issued by a corporation or company. It also marks the identity of the company and a way to appear more proper. A common seal can be acquired after getting the company incorporated and approved legally in the country. Getting a common seal is one of the important pre-registration steps that should not be forgotten. However, there are several more types of seals that may benefit companies in their many business affairs as follows.

1. Company Seal

As previously explained in a brief way, a company seal is the one that is most often possessed and used by companies compared to the other types of seals. A company seal imprints the name of the company and its registered date. A company seal marks the decision of the whole company, not just an individual. As it is important, it holds a high risk of abuse because if it’s held by an irresponsible person, there would be unwanted problems.

2. Contract Seal

A contract seal is used for authorizing or approving contracts that entered by a company. A company doesn’t have to own this seal. Thus, it is completely optional. The use of this seal can be replaced by the company seal. However, there is no loss in making a separate seal for the purpose of authorizing contracts in order to be able to work more effectively.

3. Financial Seal

A financial seal, as the name goes, is used for financial related affairs. For example, if you need to open a bank account or authorizing cheques, then you need this type of seal. This seal is supposedly handled by the finance department as they directly take care of those financial matters.

4. Invoice Seal

As mentioned before, making a separate seal for a more specific purpose may increase the productivity of your work. Another type of seal that can be made is an invoice seal. This is quite important because it is preferable to authorize invoices issued by the company with this seal.

5. Legal Representative Seal

This seal is used for legal representation matters. It represents the company instead of a person of a company. Although it is quite similar sounding to a company seal, this is a separate seal. This seal is usually used with the financial seal in order for a company to open a bank account because the bank usually requires the company to have this as evidence of authorization by the company.

A company seal is mostly enough for authorizing important documents that are to be released from a company to ensure its originality and credibility. However, these many other seals may also benefit a company and make the work quicker and easier, handling more matters in a shorter time because, with more seals for specific purposes, the company seal is not always relied upon.

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