It is often a hassle separating fact from fiction when it comes to losing weight. This is because there are tons of information on the internet on how to shed weight and lots of stories from people who have lost weight, which makes it challenging to know what’s real and what’s not. Fiction on weight loss have been vehemently professed and preached that most people take them for factual statements. Here are the top 7 myths about weight loss you should know.

  • Starving is the best way to lose weight: Often, when people want to lose weight, they are asked to go on a crash or semi-starvation diet, which contains very-low-calorie content. Crash diets do not help you lose weight; in fact, they can make you gain more. Experts who have shared insights on crash diets affirm that they just do not work. They can drastically change the way you eat and maybe lower the number on the scale, but they do not burn calories or fat. They also make you miss out on great nutrients beneficial to your body, due to selective eating. This fad diet can also lead to cardiac arrest or death caused by starvation.
  • Eating breakfast is a fast track to weight loss: Formerly, there were studies that suggested a possible relationship between eating breakfast and weight loss. However, more recent studies have debunked these claims. Eating breakfast doesn’t have an impact on how much you’ll weigh. Also, breakfast doesn’t boost your metabolism, except it contains foods which such qualities. You are advised to eat or skip breakfast as you please.
  • All slimming supplements are good for weight loss: Not all slimming supplements are healthy. Some contain very harmful ingredients that can affect your health adversely. It is advisable to seek professional help when choosing slimming supplements and bank on trusted brands like Femito (フェミート).
  • Carbs are getting you fat: You often hear people say stay from carbs if you want to lose weight. However, when eating adequately or in moderation, carbs will not increase your weight. There are also healthy carbs; they are called complex carbs; they include legumes, oats, and sweet potatoes.
  • Skipping meals will help you shed weight: Skipping meals to lose weight is not a good idea. If you eat healthy (calorie intake) and burn more calories than you consume via exercise, you will lose weight. Skipping meals is only good for getting you tired.
  • Enough exercise can make up for bad diets: Healthy eating and regular exercise are two peas in a pod. One cannot go without the other. Do not think you will lose weight if you excessively consume junk food or meals with high-calories contents but spend all your time at the gym.
  • Cardio workouts are the best for weight loss: Cardio exercises are great for maintaining good health and can help reduce weight too, but it is not the only workout-route to weight loss. Studies have shown that high-intensity exercise is also critical in losing weight.

Hopefully, this article has changed your mindset towards weight loss. Instead of relying on unfounded claims, opt for evidence-based methods of weight loss, exercise regularly, and take health supplements such as (フェミート), for overall wellness.

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