If you’re wondering what else can you do to promote your business, you might want to really consider printing stickers to help you in your marketing campaigns. You may have already printed a bunch of flyers or brochures. Well, let stickers be the cherry on top and emphasize on the key information of the flyers. Or, you can simply utilize the stickers as coupons to garner more interest in your target audience. Singapore stickers printing is easy to get and it is cheap, making it a great help to your marketing campaigns.

Even though it is small, the design aspect still needs to be really considered well. The design of a sticker determines its capability in creating enough impact to leave a strong and lasting impression on the receiver of the stickers. To know more about what to do and what not to do when it comes to sticker design, read more about it below.

1. Minimalist Design

It is better to avoid a design that is overly done, using fancy fonts and too many ornaments on it. Try to keep it simple and easy to read and understand so that people won’t be discouraged to read the content of your sticker, and also it won’t cause misunderstanding. A clean looking stickers appear more pleasant to the eyes and they are much preferred. Since they have limited space, you have to keep the content straightforward, only including the key information that you need to deliver with it.

2. Stand Out With Different Shape

Dare to be different. Die-cut your stickers and have them trimmed into a shape that is out of the ordinary. Usually this way, people will remember you more since it stands out. However, the shape of the stickers can’t just be random. It needs to be able to represent your business well. For example, cutting a coffee cup-shaped sticker for a coffee shop promotion.

3. Readability

Definitely make sure that people can easily read your sticker. The elements that play a great role in this is the choice of font style, the font size, as well as font color and background color. The fonts must be kept simple at a size that is enough to be easily read. The colors of the text and background must be at a reasonable contrast. For example, dark colored background should have light colored text and vice versa. By doing this, the text will pop out more, making it easier to be read.

4. Print in High Quality

Meaning that you can’t try printing your stickers on your own with a home printer. This kind of printer can’t process high quality image on the sticker paper stock, especially vinyl. You will need the help of a professional printing service with suitable equipment and material as well as finishes options that can help you achieve better quality stickers that can truly appeal to your target audiences. Moreover, they can print large quantities in a short time, and they are experienced that they will minimize mistakes that may happen in the process.

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