If you are an entrepreneur who has just started your business and is looking for a low-cost way to do marketing, flyers might be the answer to your search. It is very suitable for businesses with limited marketing and advertising funds and it is very versatile that it can be used in various a few different ways.

Flyers printing is simple to do, and it is definitely a low cost. Even if it sounds old school, advertising and marketing with flyers are still effective. Even large companies still sometimes choose to advertise with a flyer for certain events. However, the flyer must be designed in the best way possible. In order to design a good flyer, there are a few aspects that you have to remember.

1. Keep it simple

A design that is light and simple is always the best. Avoid overdoing your design with fonts that are overboard and too difficult to read, putting in words that are uncommon or rarely used that may cause confusion, and also avoid putting too many elements in the design of your flyer. Make sure that all the elements in your flyer still have space between one another. The most important is to make the words or sentences concise in delivering the message you want so that people can quickly grasp what you are trying to say in the campaign.

2. Go with the natural eye flow

In order to make a good flyer, you have to remember the common eye flow of people. People tend to read from top to bottom, and starting from left to right. Make sure that the placement of texts and graphics in your flyer follow this rule so that people can read your flyer easier and actually enjoy it instead of being confused. It ensures less strain to the eyes of the reader and an effective way of message delivery.

3. Make an eye-catching headline

Headline as the topmost part of your flyer or the part where it should be the main focus must be able to grasp the attention of people within a split second. In order to do this, try to use large fonts that are also bold. However, font and bold are not enough. You have to try to come up with interesting line or sentence that pique people’s interest as well. A headline must be convincing enough so that people would want to read the rest of your flyer content.

4. Put in images

Graphics and illustrations such as infographics can make your flyer look more interesting. Not only that, using infographics as the way to deliver your message on your flyer is a good option because it is most likely easier to understand and it leaves a stronger impression than plain words. It is an effective way of conveying important information toward your target audience.

5. Print in color

Don’t be stingy and print in full color. Flyers that come in vibrant colors are far more interesting than monochrome ones. Colors can trigger certain emotions and feelings and it may help you to promote better and more effectively.

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