In this technology era, people prefer a more convenient and easier way of communication. Technology has allowed us to be quicker in doing things, most importantly in communicating. Since the internet’s first launch, electronic mail has been one of the most important discoveries that have ever been made. However, even in this kind of era, many companies still use the conventional letter as it is seen as a more professional and formal way of exchanging letters.

These professional companies put more work in their letters, ensuring that they look appropriate for the receiver’s end. One of the ways they do to convey their effort in making professional correspondence activities is by letterhead printing and envelope printing by, where companies create a custom envelope and letterhead with a uniform design that is unique to the company. Not only it can make a company look more appropriate, but it also increases the attractiveness of a letter. If you wish to create one for your company, here are several things you can do to make an attractive letterhead and envelope.

1. Do not be shy and use colors

Professional, formal, and proper doesn’t mean that you should choose black and white or other colors only. If you want to make your letterhead and envelope enticing, you should be brave and print them in colors. Show your creativity and choose vibrant colors for your design because why not? As long as it suits the image of the company, it is not a bad thing. Choose a color scheme to work with, but at the same time be aware not to use color combinations that are distracting from the content of the letter. The colors of your choice must work well with one another and create a pleasant look.

2. Emphasize a strong point

You have to determine a most captivating par of a focal point of your letterhead. Usually, the easiest one is the company logo. The company logo must be present in the letterhead design as well as envelope design which you can do via a website like Kiasuprint. It is easily prominent and eye-catching, especially if it uses colors that are enticing. It also shows that your company is professional by making it easy for the recipient of your letters to identify the sender of the letter. Not only that, putting your logo on your letterhead and envelope may also increase brand awareness as the more people look at your logo, the more they are familiar with your brand and company.

3. Watermark

A logo can be present on the letterhead or the envelope. But the company logo can also be present in a more subtler way that in actuality enhance the impression of the letter. You can make your logo as a watermark in the paper stock of your letter. It is convenient because it doesn’t take much space as it looms in the background of the letter. However, it can get rather tricky. You can’t print it too dark because it might obscure your text, but you can’t also print it too pale or light because it won’t be recognized and gets its visual impact deducted.

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