Banner printing in Singapore is a very popular avenue for businesses to promote and advertise themselves. But there are things to take into account before printing a banner. Listed here are some of the things you have to be aware of in the process of designing a banner.

To make sure that you can make the most of the banner printing process, you have to also pay attention to several aspects of the designing process as you try to create your banner. This makes the designing step of banner production very important. Not only so that it can ensure a high quality printing result, but it also determines whether or not you can advertise and market effectively with a banner.

A banner is already a very simple advertising tool that can easily grab people’s attention. All you have to do is make sure that you design it the best way you can so that it can fulfill its purpose in the best way possible.

1. Choose the right material

You have to first determine the material for your banner. The right material for your banner depends on where it is used. Some materials are better for outdoors because they withstand outdoor conditions better than indoors. And some, of course, are better for indoor banner advertising. In Singapore, the material for a banner must be durable if you are planning to advertise outdoors with it. It must withstand high amounts of heat, humidity, sunlight and even rain! It is important to be aware of these conditions when advertising outdoors in Singapore. The differences in types of banner material can also mean different capabilities of producing crisp images as the banner gets printed. The better the quality is, the higher the chance it can produce high quality banner as well. Always try to consult with the printing service of your choice to find the best quality banner with the type that suits your needs.

2. Work in 300 dpi

It is important to keep this in mind. You have to make sure everything is in high resolution of a minimum 300 dpi for high quality banner printing. This is especially important for the images that are inserted into the design of the banner. One of the ways you can check the quality of the banner is by zooming in on the image up to 600%. If it looks fine on the monitor and does not get stretched or pixelated, then it is likely that it will also retain its quality upon printing. However, it is easier to just confirm its resolution. Always use high resolution images for an attractive banner that works effectively on your potential customers.

3. CMYK colors

There are RGB colors as well as CMYK colors, where the RGB colors are more commonly used for design. However, it is best to convert it into CMYK so that the printing result will have colors that are more effective without noticeable differences from what is seen on the computer display. Printing accurately saves money and you can be more satisfied with what you are advertising with.

4. Print professionally

It is absolutely important to find an experienced and reliable printing service that can provide you high quality printing that you can trust and rely on. High quality printing is very important to make sure that your printed banner looks attractive and stand out even in the most crowded place. This is especially true in a city like Singapore, with high population density and high foot traffic. If a banner does not have a good quality, it will also get dismissed all too easily and the money put into the production will be wasted without getting any benefits from the efforts of advertising. So make sure to get a high quality banner at all costs.

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